Passengers require robust, real-time and flexible information when travelling, and providing this means more than simply installing a screen. Journeo’s™ in-house software development team has created a number of software solutions to bring passengers the ability to make informed decisions, and operators the power to distribute information whilst ensuring their hardware is in good, operating order.

Constant development

Journeo’s™ flagship software, EPI, is currently in its fourth generation. Completely developed in-house, EPI has the power to display real-time feeds, and provides operators with a configurable display, meaning the amount of space given over to scheduling, advertising and additional information is under their control.

By listening to customer feedback, Journeo™ has been able to incorporate changes to the software led by customer requirements. Bespoke alteration can also be made, upon request, resulting in a system that works exactly as you want it.

Performance and assurance

The software development from Journeo™ does not stop with ensuring users get the best possible experience from a passenger information system, but also safeguards the health of a display. Journeo’s™ Watchman software reports on the system health of a single or cluster of screens and can inform you if there are any potential issues. These can range from a printer being out of paper, to an alert that your screen has had someone attempt to vandalise it. With the ability to “play dead” and using CCTV images, your screen has the highest possible chance of surviving an attack, while providing the evidence required to catch the culprit.

Bespoke capability

Interactive kiosks and ticketing machines often require bespoke software to ensure that they provide users with an experience that provides them with all the information they require. The in-house team at Journeo™ is able to develop solutions to fit any and all customer requirements.

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