Passenger displays

To maintain a smooth transport network, getting the right information to the right people at the right time is essential. Journeo™ has vast experience in the design, build, installation and maintenance of a broad range of passenger information and ticketing systems.


Broadcast screens

Journeo™ is a leading provider of broadcast screens. With a wide variety of screens available to cater for the varied locations required, Journeo™ can assist you in building a comprehensive passenger information estate – or expanding your current one.

Interactive terminals

Interactive, touch-screen terminals offer the opportunity to provide passengers with relevant and current information. With content held within a fixed user interface, you are able to control the information that can be accessed and enhance the passenger experience.

Ticket vending machines

Providing smart card ticketing solutions can be complicated, with numerous product variables and operators to account for. Journeo™ can be integral to the implementation of your smart ticketing system and can provide indoor or outdoor off-vehicle top-up or vehicle dispensing solutions.

Any venue

Journeo™ has the knowledge and experience to install in any environment, from new build bus stations to heritage sites. With dedicated project managers, and a wealth of installation experience, Journeo™ can be relied upon to ensure your installation fits your needs.

Core capability

Simply installing a screen isn’t enough to communicate your information to passengers. Journeo™ has the in-house capability to generate the software that powers screens and enables you to convey your messages, and keep your hardware safe. Depending on your hardware solution, Journeo™ has the software to suit. EPI enables you to control your broadcast screen estate, managing how much screen space is designated to real-time departure information, and how much is given over to additional content such as advertising. Interactive terminals and ticketing machines can be designed with bespoke walled browsers, to give your users the information they require in a clear and concise format. All Journeo™ screens, ticketing machines and interactive terminals are covered by Watchman, designed to remotely report the health of your devices whilst simultaneously protecting against vandals.

Information Estates

Real time passenger information

21st Century Technology's Electronic Passenger Information system (EPI) offers customers real time...

Mobile passenger information

21st Century Technology brings passenger information to your mobile device

Interactive terminals

21st Century Technology's interactive terminals can be used for wayfinding and displaying travel information


21st Century Technology's Watchman ensures your information estate remains in peak condition by...

Walled browser

Journeo's walled browser enables you to limit the websites and information that can be accessed from...

Fleet systems