Maintenance and support

Reputations are built and broken on customer service, and at Journeo™ we have a passion for ensuring that our customers are provided with the best support possible.

Through a combination of preventative maintenance and a quick reaction to unforeseen events, we look to meet the unique demands of each of our customers.


Quality service and maintenance is essential in order to maintain peak performance for the full lifecycle of any installed system.

Our knowledge of the transport industry, coupled with extensive engineering experience, perfectly places us to give our customers the support they need. In order to keep our customers’ technology working at peak performance and their fleets operational, we offer quality service and maintenance of the solution that includes:

  • preventative maintenance, scheduled at times to minimise vehicle downtime, and designed to reduce unforeseen failures.
  • fast and effective response when the unforeseen does occur, to ensure your system is fully operational as soon as possible.
  • a dedicated support centre that works tirelessly to ensure minimal downtime.


All support issues are logged on to our online service tracking website, enabling us to build a profile of any issues and providing visibility to our customers, allowing the progress of our response to be tracked. Our dedicated support staff filter items logged on to the site, ensuring that any problems can be directed to the relevant expertise quickly and efficiently. 

Adoptive warranties

At Journeo™ we specialise in technology integration and being able to care for your technology - past and present; as well as provisioning for the future. It is because of this understanding that we are able to offer adoptive warranty schemes, ensuring that all the technology you rely on can benefit from our maintenance and support.