Integrated solutions

Fleet and transport network operators understand the value of having stand-alone technologies integrated on to a common platform, and at Journeo™ we have long recognised this.

Whether it be caring for your existing technology by integrating new elements and utilising a Journeo™ adoptive warranty scheme; or a completely new integrated system, we have the knowledge and expertise to make your solution work for you.

Key relationships

As a system integrator, we are uniquely placed to offer customers the benefits of our strong relationships with industry leading manufacturers, coupled with our in-house technical and engineering expertise. This allows Journeo™ to take the best and most suitable technology available, and apply it to solutions designed to help our customers succeed.


With an integrated solution there is the potential for a rationalised system architecture, removing unnecessary or duplicated items, resulting in a direct benefit for customers in design and installation, and maintenance.

Integrated solutions also offer further scope for innovation, enabling Journeo™, in consultation with their customers, to develop methods of utilising the data already collected to further enhance operator influence and the passenger experience.