At Journeo™ we thrive on the challenges our customers present us with.

In a world of fast evolving technology, combined with strict budgetary constraints, we take the time to fully understand our customers’ needs and deliver solutions that integrate with existing technology and prepares for future advancements.

Our industry leading knowledge and experience enables us to design and supply the very best solutions for our customers. 


Our in-depth customer consultations provide the strong foundations required for effective design. Only by truly understanding a customer’s individual needs can you provide a solution that meets the unique requirements of the transport sector.

Our in-house design and consultancy team can assist you from concept to completion - whether it be looking at ways to prolong the life of existing technology, adopting new technology, or finding innovative ways to integrate the two.

Non-intrusive surveys

At Journeo™, we understand that access is not always possible. Wherever practically possible, we are able to offer non-intrusive surveys to review and verify existing systems, removing the need for plant and equipment on site.

Intrusive surveys

Undeniably the best way to assess an existing system, Journeo™ possess the in-house knowledge to review any technology you already employ and look at how to best integrate current innovations, preparing you for the future.

Design process

Taking customer requirements such as environment, risk and cost into account, Journeo™ are able to provide a range of designs; from conceptual, that cover all the main elements of the work, through to a fully detailed design that includes all the relevant documentation required.  By completing a thorough and consultative survey and design process, we are able to provide customers assurance that project requirements and expectations are met.