UK to follow Europe with passenger counting technology

21st Century is predicting that Passenger Counting will follow Europe’s lead and grow in importance over the next twelve months. The company is expecting that it will also be an important topic of conversation with bus operators at the Album Conference which takes place in Edinburgh from 13th to 14th May.

The company is already receiving enquiries from companies wishing to explore cost effective ways of obtaining accurate passenger figures, particularly in support of bus operator contracts.

21st Century is well known for its Passenger Counting software in Europe, where accurate passenger numbers are required under many contract operating terms.

Effective passenger counting systems are vital for operators who require accurate, real-time information about passenger movements in order to maximise fare revenue and optimise vehicle allocations.

By knowing how many passengers board and alight each vehicle at every location, traffic planners are able to draw up appropriate and efficient timetables.

With this data operators are also able to make sure that they have enough buses on busy routes at peak times, avoid running empty ones and respond quickly to changes.

As well as providing ‘proof of performance’ when negotiating tenders, operators can also link accurate passenger information to ticketing systems to identify and combat fraud.

Andrew Prince, Divisional Director of UK & Ireland Bus Operation for 21st Century Technology Solutions, comments: “There are a number of reasons why operators require accurate passenger numbers. Now with the aid of technology we can deliver the data, in a cost effective way, and in many cases integrate with existing infrastructure.”