Service log website in action

21st Century’s service log website now makes it even easier for their customers to place and manage calls. The website manages all service logs within a secure, password protected system, which is jointly accessible by both 21st Century’s engineers and the transport operator. The web-based service desk enables operators to log system faults on-line, these are then processed and an engineer visit is scheduled. Progress of the repair is updated automatically.

Carol Longman, Director of Operations at 21st Century Technology explains: “For public transport operators it is essential that their fleet is fully operable at all times. A vehicle out of service means inconvenience for the passengers but also lost revenue and possibly a fine from a local transport authority. Our new system provides our customers with comprehensive up to date information”

Les Jones, Engineering Manager Preston Bus says: “We find the Service log website system very useful. With over 100 buses in our fleet we can accurately record and track any CCTV/Eco Manager fault. We also get a history profile which aids both parties in diagnosis and resolution of issues. With this system we know exactly what is happening with a raised issue and we are assured our fleet is kept to a high standard.”

Weekly and monthly performance reports are generated automatically, showing the status by group, operating company, depot, fault type, open and closed queries, response times and escalation. The variables within the reports are tailored to each customer’s requirements.

The service desk system provides a quick and up-to-date overview of any vehicle in the fleet. Engineers have access to all the information they need, including work required for each individual vehicle and its maintenance history.

Alan Coney, Engineering Director of Tower Transit says: “Our buses need to be in service almost 18 hours a day. This means we have to be sure that any faults are addressed immediately. 21st Century’s Service log website system works for us because we can raise any issues online. The fault gets investigated, repaired and logged off. This helps us to put more energy in delivering a good passenger service.”

The on-line service desk runs alongside the 21st Century helpdesk, so customers also have the option of speaking to a 21st Century employee in person. They are trained to interpret and analyse the data contained on the system, identify any recurring issues and offer the client a tailored, long-term solution.

Carol Longman adds: “Not many integrators of mobile technology have a dedicated service log in website combined with a helpdesk like 21st Century. It takes years of experience, knowledge and trust from the operators to build such a system. Over the years it has been improved and together with a professional team of engineers offers a ‘best in class’ solution to the market place.”