Safer journeys with CCTV

The latest figures released by TfL have revealed that it is safer to travel by bus than any other form of public transport in the capital city. Reported crime on London’s buses has fallen to an average of 6.8 incidents per million passenger journeys.

Crime rates on London’s buses have fallen year-on-year for the past 8 years, and can be attributed to a number of reasons. A well maintained CCTV system is a key deterrent, and an invaluable asset on those rare occasions that evidence gathering is required. This was recognised two years ago when TfL introduced a mandate for all London buses to have CCTV that meets specific requirements – requirements that all 21st Century Technology systems meet.

Russ Singleton, Chief Executive for 21st Century Technology, comments on the latest figures:

"It’s good to see the continuing trend of falling levels of crime on London’s buses. A well-maintained CCTV solution on the vehicle is a highly visible deterrent to would-be criminals; and this has become an important factor in ensuring transport in London remains among the safest in the world."

The fall in crime on London’s buses is part of a wider success story for TfL. The crime levels, collated by the MET and British Transport Police have fallen across London’s transport network, to 7.7 incidents per million passenger journeys, down from 8.9 for the previous year.