Optimising service – Maximising revenue

The use of Automatic Passenger Counting technology is on the increase. There are many reasons why operators need accurate data on passenger movements, not just in order to maximise fare revenue and optimise vehicle allocations.

Having accurate information about passenger numbers by stop, route and day is important for traffic planners to draw up appropriate timetables. It is also just as important for operators to make sure that they have enough buses on busy routes at peak times as it is to avoid running empty ones. The trick is to know where and when buses will be needed and to be able to respond quickly to changes.

For some operators it is important to accurately monitor passenger numbers in order to be able to provide ‘proof of performance’ and to create executive reports in order to negotiate or re-negotiate tenders. For others, it is important to link accurate passenger information to ticketing systems to identify and combat fraud.

In many cases manual systems are inefficient, and it would be too onerous to have every bus monitored at all times. With developments in mobile technology it is now possible to collect and collate accurate information about where and when passengers board and alight vehicles, through every door and exit, on every vehicle in real-time.