Monitoring the view

In a blog posted earlier on this website, we outlined the importance of specifying the right type of mobile surveillance cameras for each specific function. Of course, an equally important aspect is the ability to see those images.

For the safety of passengers and road users it is invaluable for drivers to be able to automatically switch between multiple live images of both the inside and the outside of a vehicle. All 21st Century’s driver monitors are able to do this, and all are designed specifically for use in the harsh urban public transport environment.

To give the driver the best view in the safest way possible, our monitors have a built in timer for programmable delayed switching between images and an automatic dimmer facility adjusts the screen brightness depending on the current light conditions.

It is not just the driver who needs to see information on a monitor. Passenger monitors can also be provided to enable operators to communicate to their audience in a dynamic and interactive way that can also generate revenue. Passenger monitors improve the quality of service being offered and greatly enhance the journey experience.

Travel information and other community notices can be displayed in real time, as can images from the on-board surveillance system, further enhancing the peace of mind for passengers and acting as a deterrent to anti-social behaviour.

On board advertising can be linked to the time of day (for example lunch time offers or cinema listings) or to the location of the vehicle (such as a local retailer or restaurant). Revenue generated from advertising sales can more than recoup the cost of installing a mobile surveillance system.