Mobile Surveillance Helpful in Court

21st Century's mobile CCTV systems have been used in court to succesfully defend insurance fraud claims for many years. In many cases it has been the quality of the images that have provided the vital evidence to defend the claim and save the bus operator significant sums of money in relation to the costs of fraudulent claims.

In three recent examples, evidence generated using CCTV footage was shown in Court and the savings realised by bus operating companies more than covered the initial investment in the Mobile Surveillance systems.

In one case, two individuals claimed damages for injuries they alleged that they sustained during a bus crash. However, images showed that their van was empty at the time and they could be seen leaving the house and approaching the vehicle after the incident. They were found guilty of making false claims and sentenced.

In another fraudulent claim, the alleged victim was found to have caused the accident, the bus driver was not negligent in his actions and the claim was dismissed. In addition, the claimant was ordered to pay the costs of the bus operator. If this fraudulent claim had been successful it would have cost the bus operator in excess of £30,000.

In a third case which concluded recently the CCTV images were crucial in proving that a bus did not move out of its lane until after a car had collided with it. Date and time stamps on the evidence showed that the claimant’s car was the one that had switched lanes and caused the accident. The potential saving in this case was also over £30,000.