Keolis sees 8% fuel savings

Less than a year after Keolis installed 21st Century’s driver and vehicle efficiency product EcoManager to 146 vehicles based in Orléans, the company has seen an 8% decrease in fuel use.

The initiative, called Konfort by Keolis, measures drivers performance against certain parameters, including braking, accelerating and harsh cornering. The vehicles’ own on-board computers measure fuel use and G-forces and deliver detailed management reports which highlight where drivers need further training.

Christophe Fagnoux, Project manager for EcoManager Konfort in Orléans, comments: “The reason we call it Konfort is because we want to improve the safety and comfort of our passengers. With this tool the drivers are able to adopt a new and more efficient way of driving, which minimises their stress levels behind the wheel and improves the relationship with the passengers.”

The drivers have an on-board display which shows, through two sets of red, amber and green lights, how they are performing. The first set of lights shows the driver how they are doing at that particular moment, while the second set gives them an average for their current journey. Drivers are challenged to keep the lights ‘in the green’.

Geraldine Spurway, International Business Development Manager France says: “With my experience on the French market, we designed a bespoke driver training programme, specifically for Keolis. It boosted the results when it was introduced three months after the initial installation. The training programme has been so successful that it is being incorporated into the Keolis annual driver training programme.”

Christophe Fagnoux adds: “We were extremely pleased with the initial results the Konfort system was showing. However, working together with 21st Century and studying the management reports, we felt that the drivers could be challenged further and so even higher driving standards were set for them to meet. The drivers have once again responded really well to the challenge, and we are particularly encouraged by the way everyone has worked together to help the weaker drivers to improve.”

Keolis’s drivers have welcomed the Konfort initiative and have entered into a competitive spirit amongst themselves and the best performing drivers were recognised at a Gala Dinner.

The early success of EcoManager has prompted Keolis to add five further depots, Amiens, Lyon, Tours, Nantes and Lille, to have Konfort fitted in 2014.