Handy reminder to keep it green

21st Century Technology has enhanced the training programme for its award winning driver training system, EcoManager, with the addition of an information sticker that will be installed in the drivers’ cab.

EcoManager is a web-based system which improves drivers’ behaviour by monitoring their driving and providing immediate feedback through a Red-Amber-Green dashboard display. There are two sets of lights; one shows the fuel efficiency of the current driving style and the second shows the average safety score for the journey so far.

To give drivers a constant reminder of what each of the sets of lights is telling them, 21st Century has designed an A5 sticker which goes in the cabin above the driver’s head so they can check the instructions at a glance. The sticker has been designed in consultation with customers and is simplified so as not to compete with other driver information.

Dave Haworth, Sales Manager UK for 21st Century, commented: “Our comprehensive training programme which supports the EcoManager system has proven to help maintain significant fuel savings, but we received feedback from our customers that there was something else that we could do to keep drivers reminded of the Red-Amber-Green format. Now with this new sticker they have a permanent EcoManager instruction in the cabin.”