GEO-fencing for faster footage searches

Wireless technology has been a feature of mobile CCTV for many years and we have always been at the forefront, fitting more Wi-Fi systems than any other company in the industry.

Now the latest innovation is providing CCTV users with a new facility for seeking out elusive footage. Geo-fence Downloads Management is part of the functionality of the latest download and health status system and users can take advantage of mapping technology to identify the location which footage should be downloaded.

When CCTV analysts receive a request to retrieve footage from an incident which occurred off-board, it is possible that the requesting authority will know the location and approximate time of the incident but not which vehicles were passing at that time. Analysts can now simply click and drag on a map to highlight the location where an incident took place. Timescales can also be added in to narrow down the search and the system then automatically identifies every vehicle that passed through the ‘geo-fenced area’ during the timeframe and programmes the download of footage. This will save a huge amount of time and cost which would otherwise be spent identifying and retrieving the footage.

The geo-fenced area can be a radius around a single point, or can be vector-based such as a specific road or bus route. For example, in the case of an on street robbery, all vehicles which were in the area before, during and after the event can be easily identified. Footage is automatically downloaded and used as evidence in reconstructing the build-up and activity during the incident and in its aftermath.

Geo-fence Downloads Management also ensures that not relevant footage is overlooked as the system automatically creates a list of vehicles which went through the area. Therefore, no vital pieces of video footage will be inadvertently excluded from any investigation.

In an already fast and efficient system, search times are reduced to a fraction of the time and the buses can continue on their journeys uninterrupted.