EcoManager expands into Portugal and onto new vehicles

21st Century’s driver and vehicle efficiency product EcoManager has been extremely successful across Europe, with bus fleets saving fuel in France, Germany and Sweden. Now EcoManager is causing a stir in Portugal, where it has been saving fleets on average 8%.

The current economic climate has forced transport operators across the continent to look closely at areas where they might make cost savings. Fuel is a key expense and therefore any savings can make a considerable difference to profitability. Furthermore, fuel savings also cut carbon emissions, so there is a double advantage to fuel efficiency.

EcoManager is a highly effective driver training tool, designed to cut fuel use. However, smoother and more fuel efficient driving has also proven to reduce accidents and improve customer comfort. The system measures drivers’ performance against certain parameters, including braking, accelerating and harsh cornering. The vehicle’s own on-board computer measures fuel use and G-forces and delivers detailed management reports which highlight where drivers need further training.

To cross all language barriers, drivers have an on-board display which shows, through two sets of red, amber and green lights, how they are performing. The first set of lights show the driver how they are doing at that particular moment, while the second set gives them an average for their current journey. Drivers are challenged to keep the lights ‘in the green’.

Across Europe EcoManager has solely been used on bus fleets – until now. However, in Portugal other transport operators have recognised its potential and it is now being fitted to HGVs and plant vehicles. Drivers have readily accepted the technology, and in many cases work together in friendly competition to ensure that they are driving as efficiently as possible. Neves & Neves, the leading transport consulting company based in Lisbon, is the exclusive agent for EcoManager in Portugal.