A camera for all seasons

As we have seen in recent weeks, the UK, and indeed most of Europe, experiences a wide range of weather conditions. Some areas seem to have four seasons in one day, with wind and rain one minute and bright sunshine the next.

This presents particular challenges when specifying cameras for vehicles. Not only do they need to be robust to withstand vibrations, dust and dirt, they must also cope with changes in temperature and moisture. The images must also maintain clarity as the vehicle travels through different light conditions.

Reflection and glare on very sunny days can be reduced by the use of cameras with a matt black finish. Cameras with protective covers can be positioned on areas where they are at significant risk of damage and even heated cameras are available to protect against extreme cold conditions.

Surveillance cameras for use on vehicles carry Ingress Protection (IP) ratings which certifies of protection against water and other possible intrusions such as dust. All 21st Century cameras are IP67 rated which means that water ingress is resisted even if the camera were submerged in up to 1 meter of water and IP67 also guarantees complete protection against other contact and dust.

So the next time you see a 21st Century CCTV equipped bus in the pouring rain this Autumn, you will know that the cameras on board ar truly made to withstand all that the changing seasons can throw at it.