Bus Service Operators Grant to stay for two more years

While the Government’s Spending Review contained bad news for many, there was some good news for the bus industry. The Bus Service Operators Grant (BSOG) subsidy will remain at its current rate until 2015/2016.

BSOG is paid by the Department for Transport to reimburse operators for some of the excise duty paid on fuel used on eligible local bus routes. BSOG was designed to ensure that less profitable routes were kept operating for the benefit of users and has lowered fares and increased passenger numbers on many qualifying routes.

Fuel Duty Rebate
Diesel (ppl) 57.95 34.57
Biodiesel (ppl) 57.95 34.57
Bioethanol (ppl) 57.95 34.57
Unleaded petrol (ppl) 57.95 32.66
Natural gas (inc biogas) ppl 26.15 18.88

“BSOG rates were cut by 20% last year and we saw a huge rise in enquiries about the fuel savings that are possible through using EcoManager” says Paul Rogers, Sales and Marketing Director at 21st Century. “With additional grants available for operators who can prove a 6%* cut in fuel use (we have proven savings of over 12%) measures like the EcoManager driver’s aid are proving their worth many times over.”

Further information on BSOG can be obtained form the Department for Transport’s BSOG team.

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