All systems – great and small

21st Century might be better known for fitting mobile technology solutions to buses, but actually if it has more than two wheels, we can fit a mobile CCTV system on to it. Whether it’s a bus, train, tram, taxi, company car, school bus, coach, mini bus, ambulance or fire engine our solution can be fitted to it.

We supply vehicles of all sizes, from a single camera system in a taxi to a 16 camera one for a double decker bus. The 21st Century ‘Plug & Play’ system is ideal for anything from company cars to coaches. Our CCTV cameras and DVRs are currently being fitted to trains throughout the UK and to trams in Europe. They are also being used on fire engines to improve driver, crew and public safety. Cameras can be installed inside and outside vehicles and most systems provide recording up to 25 pictures per second. The footage provides a complete picture of incidents and actions taken by drivers, passengers and surrounding vehicles.

All mobile systems are specifically designed for that application. The cameras we use are robust, waterproof and work in all light conditions and our DVRs have survived the most testing conditions, including vehicle fires.

Although we are better known for our mobile technology, we also fit static systems in transport locations such as depots and stations. Not only can we fit to any size (or shape) of vehicle, but we can supply any size of fleet, from a single vehicle to 5,000+.

And because all our solutions have been developed specifically for the mobile environment, if it moves we can supply a system to fit it.