Blue light

The hard-won experience we have gained at Journeo™ now sees us look after the health of technology on over 10,000 public service vehicles.  The reliability of our installations and the quality of our maintenance services make Journeo™ the sensible choice for installing technology to vehicles that simply can not be off the road.



In our 20+ years' experience in transport technology sector, we have built strong relationships with manufacturers of all scale, from world-leading global distributors to niche specialists, enabling us to build you a solution that fits your requirements.  With a nationwide network of engineers and small, agile development teams, we ensure we are always appraised of the latest technology developments to better advise our customers.

Consultative design

We thrive on the challenges our customers are faced with.  In a world of fast-evolving technology and ever-tightening budgetary constraints, we can design a solution that meets the unique constraints of the emergency vehicles. Our in-house design teams can assist you in developing your solution, whether it is providing new systems, or prolonging the life of existing technology.

Installation, testing and commissioning

The installs of our dedicated engineering team are underlined by a thorough audit and commissioning process, to ensure that the system operation meet customer requirements and our exacting standards.  

Our engineering and technical teams are constantly challenged to broaden their knowledge by engaging with new technologies and regular experience of legacy systems.

Maintenance and support

Reputations are built and broken on customer service, and at Journeo™ we have a passion for ensuring that our customers are provided the best support possible through scheduled maintenance and a fast reaction to unforeseen events.

We don't just look after the technology that we have installed - we also offer adoptive warranty schemes, ensuring that your legacy systems can benefit from the same high level of care as Journeo™ installed systems.