Validation units

Smart ticket validation units from Journeo™ can be key to the success of your smart ticketing scheme.

Designed and manufactured from our base in Coventry, they can be placed on key transport corridors, allowing your passengers to collect top-ups they have completed online.

Multiple products

The back-office software created in collaboration with ECEBS RTD by Journeo™ allows multiple products from multiple operators to be loaded on to the smart tickets, essentially allowing your tickets to be used as travel wallets, containing everything your passengers will need to get to their destination.

All passengers are required to do is top-up, or purchase products on online via your web portal and their account, and the purchases can then be collected at a validator the next time they visit a bus stop.

Small box - big power

The unobtrusive units can be mounted within bus stops, to a housing designed in collaboration with you.  Each validation unit contains a micro-PC and 3G router to maintain connectivity in areas with reduced data infrastructure.  The units also house NFC (Near Field Communication) readers, to communicate with your smart cards. 

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