Ticket Vending Machines

The in-house expertise at Journeo™ has seen us design and install a number of ITSO-accredited Ticket Vending Machines (TVM) for an array of requirements.  Whether it be bus travel, park-and-ride or multi-modal services, we can produce both the vending machine and the back-office software that works for you.


Ticket types

Not all services are ready to move to a purely smart card based payment system.  Our ticket machines can produce a number of different ticket types, based on your requirements, including:

  • Smart cards

  • Magstripe tickets

  • Lightweight, "single-use" smart tickets

  • Paper tickets

Our TVMs can also be used to top-up existing smart cards or if your transport network supports it, and NFC enabled smartphone. Your passengers will simply select the ticket type and products they require from using our interactive screens, and payment can be made via Chip and PIN or contactless payment.


Travel point

Not only are ticket vending machines significantly cheaper to operate than traditional ticket booths, they can also act as an information point, providing real time information for onward travel for bus, rail and even flights.


Safe and secure

Like all Journeo™ Totems, our ticket vending machines are constantly monitored via a heartbeat of key systems back to our control centre in Ashby-de-la-Zouch. They are also guarded by our Watchman software, meaning that if they are subject to vandalism, they are able to record the perpetrator during the assault and report back via email. Our TVMs also have the capacity to "play dead", to dissuade any attackers from continuing their assault on the unit.

Smart ticketing

Validation units

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Smart ticketing

Information Estates

Real time passenger information

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Mobile passenger information

21st Century Technology brings passenger information to your mobile device

Interactive terminals

21st Century Technology's interactive terminals can be used for wayfinding and displaying travel information


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Walled browser

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Fleet systems