Smart ticketing

Multiple operators, multiple fare structures and multi-modal journeys can lead to a complicated set of variables for selling tickets, and the passengers that buy them. Local authorities and operators alike see smart ticketing as the next logical step for public transport revenue collection, but the sheer variables of initiating such a scheme can make the prospect daunting.

At Journeo™, we are able to offer bespoke smart ticketing devices for off-vehicle ticket vending and top-ups. Via a simple interactive display, passengers are able to select the products they require and load on to either a smart card or, if supported on the transport network, an NFC enabled smartphone.

Installing self-service ticket vending machines can not only provide the full range of paper and electronic tickets traditionally available, but are significantly cheaper to operate, and offer greater flexibility when compared to traditional ticket booths.

Our on-street validators offer an unobtrusive and convenient way for passengers to collect top-ups that have been previously completed online.  They are perfect for travel corridors that experience 24 hour traffic, where using a pay point is not always convenient.

The smart ticketing machines we provide at Journeo™ also have the option of providing travel planning services, providing greater functionality to passengers.

Customer benefits

  • Multi-product tickets enable passengers to be covered for all variables of their journey
  • Easy and convenient revenue collection
  • A cheaper and greener way to dispense tickets for validation
  • Option for passengers to plan travel as they purchase
  • Smart ticketing features
  • Specially ruggedized displays suitable for indoor or outdoor use, comprising all the industry-leading features of Journeo™ totems
  • Self-service units 
  • Dispense multiple ticket forms including smart cards and paper
  • Download Tickets/products previously purchased online

Smart ticketing

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Smart ticketing

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