Video data retrieval

Software suite

Any technology installed on a vehicle is only as good as the reliability and usability of the back-end software that supports it. Journeo™ has developed a suite of end-user software that can be used to full potential with minimal training. As well as completing all the functions you would expect from reviewing software, Journeo’s™ software suite allows users to live-view footage and remote download at any time whilst the train has power and a GSM or Wi-Fi signal.

Footage retrieval

Video data from our monitoring systems is downloaded on request from a train via Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G networks. In critical situations it is important that video data is accessed quickly and efficiently to ensure a fast response if required.

Due to the expansive nature of the rail network, remote video data retrieval may be subject to signal interruption, which can cause the download to start again. Journeo’s™ software, Horizon, works differently. In addition to remote access and real time viewing, any interruption in connectivity simply pauses the process and resumes once there is a strong enough 3G, 4G or station Wi-Fi signal. 

Customer benefits

  • live-view footage;
  • remote download at any time; and
  • easy-to-use software.