Track and surrounds

With the expansive nature of rail networks, it is not unusual for them to operate in geographical conditions that are far from ideal.

Monitoring the track and surrounding infrastructure for any hazardous objects is essential for keeping the rail network moving.

Journeo’s™ Advanced Monitoring System is a vital tool in remotely and accurately assessing the condition of rail track and surrounding infrastructure in real time. Our system helps support rail networks in allocating resource to problem areas quickly and efficiently.

Cameras and alerts

Our network of high definition (HD) cameras capture images of any area where the customer has identified a potential threat – such as sidings and embankments that are prone to landslips; whilst the video analytics software instantly identifies any changes, and reports back to the DVR. An alert is automatically sent to the operator if a notifiable incident occurs. The solution also receives data from an in-built weather station that sends out alerts if pre-programmed parameters are exceeded.

Storage and Integration

Journeo’s™ Advanced Monitoring Solution (AMS) comes with local DVR storage, enabling the customer to review the surveyed area prior to an incident, should they receive notification of the event.

Remote locations

Due to the remote nature of Journeo’s™ AMS installations, mains power can seldom be guaranteed. The solution works by utilising solar panels to ensure a supply of power, and an in-built back-up battery for prolonged periods of overcast skies.

Customer Benefits

  • Remotely survey track and surrounding areas
  • Be alerted in real-time to condition changes
  • Weather alerts from the in-built weather station
  • Local storage of footage
  • Runs on renewable energy