Platform and premises

Journeo’s™ platform and infrastructure monitoring enables network operators to survey and protect passengers, staff and facilities.

Fixed-site cameras provide assurance to staff and passengers, as well as a deterrent to anti-social behaviour and criminal activity. In the event of an incident our systems gather valuable evidence for insurance or prosecution purposes.

Bespoke design

Journeo™ thrives on the challenges presented by its customers, and platform and infrastructure CCTV is the perfect example of this. No two stations have the same layout, the same concerns and the same CCTV requirements. Journeo™ is experienced in bringing customers the system they require, through a thorough process of in-depth consultation, exhaustive survey and expert design.


Journeo™ are able to offer hybrid systems, utilising the latest in analogue and IP camera technology. The integration of IP cameras into your system can often mean a reduction in the total number of cameras required – the higher definition cameras can view a greater distance than traditional analogue cameras. IP-rated camera housing protect your cameras from the elements, ensuring your system can be relied upon.

Storage and integration

DVRs are selected to be robust and easy to use, with a storage capacity that will hold the highest quality footage available, for the time you need it. Working with our in-house design and consultancy team, Journeo™ are able to deliver scalable solutions to meet your needs – from integrating individual cameras to the very latest in networked and multiple site monitoring systems live-streamed to a control centre.

Customer benefits

  • Protect passengers, staff and facilities
  • Bespoke system design
  • Analogue or hybrid systems available
  • No compromise between storage time and footage quality