Pantograph monitoring

Nearly 20% of all European rail journeys are undertaken in the United Kingdom.

Protecting the infrastructure that manages this amount of travel is paramount to the uninterrupted and continual operation of one of the most highly utilised transport networks in Europe.

In an industry moving away from diesel trains, to more environmentally friendly overhead line electric alternatives, Journeo’s™ overhead monitoring solution surveys the condition of a train’s pantograph and overhead lines. Continual and accurate assessment of this infrastructure ensures the smooth running of the network and can minimise the costly delays that failed overhead lines cause. In the event of a failure of the overhead systems the footage can be used to identify the cause and location of the problem.


Our robust IP-rated cameras with CMOS image sensor are optimised to operate in all weather conditions and automatically adjust their settings according to light levels for use day and night.

Storage and Integration

Journeo’s™ Pantograph solution utilises high definition recordings relayed back to a hybrid DVR that reliably stores information as a standalone system, or can be integrated with other elements of a mixed analogue and IP camera system to provide a complete solution for your rolling stock.

Customer benefits

  • monitor the infrastructure to keep your operations moving;
  • low investment costs;
  • high potential cost savings; and
  • reliable technology.
  • all cameras meet EN50155, EN50121-3-2, 61373 and DIN 5510-2 standards