Over Great Britain’s 32,000 kilometres of track, the rail network supplies in excess of 58 billion passenger kilometres, and 110 billion freight kilometres annually.

Journeo’s™ forward and rear facing CCTV can capture every inch of it. Specifically designed for passenger and freight trains, Journeo’s™ Forward Facing CCTV solution gives the control centre a driver’s view of a journey.

In addition the control centre can access the Forward Facing CCTV system in real-time, allowing them to live-view or remote download, allowing them to determine an appropriate and immediate response.

The high definition recorded footage can become invaluable when reviewing operational events and near misses, conducting driver training and track assessments. In the event of an incident our systems provide pivotal data for investigative purposes. The recorded evidence can also be used with criminal investigations, identifying unwanted activity that obstruct the rail service.


Journeo™ was the first systems integrator to install high definition (HD) cameras to FFCCTV, allowing customers to see more, and zoom-in on recorded footage. Optional thermal cameras can be added to detect incidents even in complete darkness, recording hotspots on rail infrastructure. Advanced video analytics enables customers to spot tampering with cameras, and offer scope for future development in incident notification.

Storage and Integration

Alarm inputs/outputs from the DVR allow operational markers to be added to playback footage, allowing you to see the precise time system managed or driver-initiated operational events occur.

The Journeo™ Forward Facing CCTV solution not only provides a robust and reliable method of recording journeys, but can also be integrated with existing CCTV and other systems installed on to your train, giving an all-encompassing solution to improve operational efficiency and enhance the passenger experience.

Customer benefits

  • Real-time viewing and remote downloads
  • Locate and obtain footage at any time the train is powered.
  • Protect services from operational incidents and criminal activity
  • Provide driver training and infrastructure assessments
  • High definition cameras and software suite allow post-event zoom for enhanced evidence collection
  • All cameras meet EN50155, EN50121-3-2, 61373 and DIN 5510-2 standards
  • Integrate with other systems
  • Optional thermal camera