Driver platform view

21st Century Technology’s solution for train drivers, Driver Only Operation (DOO), gives a clear view of the side of a train enabling safe dispatch.

The systems are of particular value in the absence of platform guards or at busy stations.

21st Century Technology’s DOO systems enable the driver increased visibility of the vehicle, promoting efficiency of operations. Where station mounted cameras and mirrors lose visibility as soon as the train starts moving DOO allows the driver to observe the door area until speeds of 5km/h are reached – meaning the driver can be sure that the door area is clear.


The cameras and in-cab monitors provide the train driver with clear images in all lighting and weather conditions thanks to IP rated, specially ruggedised and heated camera housings – preventing condensation. Their vehicle-specific design and expert calibration ensures that they are not sensitive to light reflex, and are mounted to provide drivers with a quick and direct overview of the vehicle doors. In addition, DOO gives a clear view of blind spots that cannot be seen from station mounted mirrors and monitors, such as on curved platforms, allowing drivers to move the train safely away from the platform.

Storage and integration

21st Century Technology is able to deliver Standalone DOO solutions, which operate independently of existing systems, with optional recordings of images. Alternatively, 21st Century Technology is also able to integrate their DOO technology into the same CCTV network as in-carriage cameras, forward facing CCTV and passenger counting systems, reducing the amount of equipment required, and providing an operationally efficient solution.

Customer benefits

  • monitor your customers embarking/disembarking
  • not sensitive to light reflex
  • bespoke vehicle design
  • heated and ruggedised camera housings to suit all conditions
  • reliable technology
  • All cameras meet EN50155, EN50121-3-2, 61373 and DIN 5510-2 standards