Ensuring kiosks and displays are working and in good health is a must when managing a passenger information estate. All hardware designed and installed by Journeo™ is guarded by Watchman – software specifically developed to remotely report on the health of displays.

Maximum up-time

Whether you have broadcast screens, interactive terminals or ticket machines installed by Journeo™, each will poll in with Watchman every 15 minutes, updating its system health. Should the report state that the unit is not operating as it should, or it does not poll in at all, a Journeo™ engineer is on hand to diagnose the issue. If it is possible to fix the issue remotely, the problem will be resolved without an engineer attending site.

Covering all bases

In addition to waiting for the poll, Watchman also analyses other key performance indicators to ensure the system is working correctly. Watchman can also report on a number of bespoke metrics as requested:

  • Printer paper low/exhausted
  • Display status
  • System reboot fault logging

Customer visibility

As an entirely web-based platform, customers are able to gain complete access to all performance statistics from their estate. When required, they can also add service calls via a simple web form.

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