Transport hubs

At Journeo™ we believe in providing an end-to-end service, and so it is no surprise that we have been selected to complete a number of flagship projects, providing the information estates to a number of new and renovated bus stations and transport hubs.


Whether it be real time information, way finding totems or smart ticket vending machines, Journeo™ can provide any and all elements.

Project management

Upon embarking on your project Journeo™ will provide you with a dedicated project manager, giving you an accountable point of reference within our company.  Your Project Manager will be able to guide you through all the decisions that you will be required to make regarding your information estate and use their industry-specific knowledge and experience, in conjunction with a host of quality and project management tools to deliver the solutions you require.

Civil works

Thriving on the challenges our customers present us with, we are able to provide bespoke in-house design to give our customers a passenger information estate to complement the unique bus and rail stations that our customers are building.  

Information Estates

Real time passenger information

21st Century Technology's Electronic Passenger Information system (EPI) offers customers real time...

Mobile passenger information

21st Century Technology brings passenger information to your mobile device

Interactive terminals

21st Century Technology's interactive terminals can be used for wayfinding and displaying travel information


21st Century Technology's Watchman ensures your information estate remains in peak condition by...

Walled browser

Journeo's walled browser enables you to limit the websites and information that can be accessed from...

Fleet systems

Case studies

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