Real time passenger information

Displaying the right information, to the right people, at the right time, is essential for the smooth operation of any transport network. EPI (Electronic Passenger Information) is the feature-rich system from Journeo™, specifically designed to remotely manage your estate of Passenger Information displays.

Currently in its fourth generation, EPI can display real-time information, alerting passengers to possible delays and schedule changes.

EPI enables users to control the information that is displayed to passengers, including scheduled and real-time departures, platform alterations, additional messages and advertising space. The Sign Editor user interface makes it easy to control the display, and is adaptive across a broad range of screen sizes and models – including screens not manufactured by Journeo™.

Customer benefits

  • Status monitoring – for individual screens and entire estates
  • Clash finder – locates gaps within bus services and can assist in avoiding schedule clashes
  • Sign Editor user interface – to easily manipulate a screen’s appearance
  • Preview changes before publication
  • Live-view screen displays
  • Real time integration
  • Emergency messaging
  • Role based user interface

Additional features

  • Display schedule information on interactive kiosks
  • Audio departure and message announcements including orientation instruction to make your screens RNIB React 3 compliant
  • Upload and publish your own images and videos to digital signs
  • Display live news and weather feeds

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