Interactive terminals

Journeo™ provides a range of interactive screens that can be used to provide the public with a range of information, from transport departures to public information announcements and way-finding. Interactive displays can be made suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

All of Journeo’s™ interactive displays are vandal resistant and can be modified to each customers’ bespoke needs. The self-service terminals allow passengers and members of the public to easily locate the information they require.


Versatile, easy to use and eye-catching, Journeo™ columns are suitable for any environment. Multiple screens can be fitted in order to display real-time departure information, a touch screen interface or video footage.


The most popular of the interactive terminals offered by Journeo™, the totem comes with anti-glare LCD screen from 42” upwards. Combining touch screen functionality with journey planning, totems can be customised to customers’ specific needs, to meet project requirements, such as RNIB alerts.


With an in-house design team, Journeo™ is perfectly placed to take on any of the challenges presented by customers. Whether the unit requires fitting in a protected location, needs to fit a definite architectural style, or perform a specific action such as dispense purchased tickets. Journeo™ has undertaken a number of flagship, bespoke projects, and would be delighted to discuss them with prospective customers.

Customer benefits

  • Customisable to customers’ specific needs
  • Combine real-time information with touch screen functionality
  • Bespoke options available
  • Vandal resistant
  • Remote system health reporting

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