Information estates

The UK’s public transport network is a vast and varied environment filled with unique challenges. When creating a complete Passenger information system, including everything from multi-modal metropolitan hubs to individual bus stops throughout a region, Journeo™ has the knowledge and experience to deliver a system that works for system users and passengers alike.

Journeo™ can provide total refurbishments, partial upgrades, and can even undertake the care of existing systems.

Unrivalled knowledge

With 20+ years’ experience in the design, manufacture and installation of passenger information systems, Journeo™ are uniquely placed to deliver both hardware and software to meet the demanding environment. With an increase in the use of real-time information, Journeo™ are setting the benchmark for providing the right information, to the right people, at the right time.


Content management

To deliver the right information, to the right people at the right time requires a powerful content management system. Software that is constantly being supported and developed to assist you to deliver passengers with not only the travel information that they require, but also any supporting material, such as alert messages, featured advertising and news feeds.

Electronic Passenger Information (EPI) from Journeo™ is just such a content management system. Created by our specialist in-house software development team, and supported round-the-clock, you can be assured that EPI will be providing passengers with the data required to keep your transport network flowing.

Suitable for consuming data from multiple feeds, and incorporating additional content such as advertising and alert information, it is a content management system that puts you in control of your information estate.  Granular control enables you to make edits and updates to your display templates either by screen, by cluster, or estate-wide.


Journeo™ offers a broad range of displays, all manufactured from our Coventry base.

With over 20 years' experience in manufacturing displays for the transport industry, Journeo™ has developed a portfolio suitable for both indoor use, and ruggedised units suitable for the challenging environments faced at street level.  Our designs span stretched displays suitable for bus stops, all the way through totems with interactive screens, hosting real time information, controlled browsing and wayfinding solutions.

Integrated solutions

Information estates can be substantial investments, and require that you get maximum benefit from them.  

At Journeo™ we understand this, and have been developing solutions to integrate solutions, increasing their benefit to you.  Our latest Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) have the capacity to provide more than simply Smart Tickets, top-ups and traditional paper tickets, they can also house screens to provide information on local points of interest and real time travel information, enabling passengers to plan their entire journey.

Core capability

We are proud at Journeo™ to be able to offer a truly end-to-end service.  From design all the way through to installation, and beyond to maintenance, all the services that we offer are completed and managed by our in-house teams.

"We chose Journeo™ because of their track record in producing and maintaining good quality displays.  It's easy to find a company to put up a display, but harder to find someone who will keep it running".

Darren Capes, Transport Systems Manager, City of York Council

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