Telematics and driver behaviour

Passenger comfort and safety, fuel efficiency and lowering CO2 emissions are major concerns for fleet and transport operators.

Often these can be improved by modifying driver behaviour. In order to address this Journeo™ has developed EcoManager.

The system incorporates a driver’s visual aid that provides simple real-time feedback on driving style. This is supported by web-based reporting to the depot to identify drivers who would benefit from additional training. By linking to GPS positioning, operators can also identify risk areas along bus routes.

EcoManager has been proven to reduce fuel costs, as well as lowering maintenance costs and CO2 emissions, in addition to improving the passenger experience.

Driver development

We provide a highly successful “train-the-trainer” programme, leveraging the vast experience already held by depot trainers who already hold the best position to help develop your drivers. By creating an atmosphere of positive reinforcement, drivers align with the system, and work to improve their scores, resulting in continued benefits for fleet operators.

Web-based reporting

The true strength of any driver development program can be measured by how it gets data to those who need it; when they need it. After consultation with our customers, we set multi-level user access to our bespoke web portal. By offering a range of different reports to your drivers and depot managers, you can be sure that the correct data is clearly represented to the correct individual.

Customer benefits

  • Increase passenger safety
  • Reduce accidents
  • Noticeable fuel savings
  • Real-time feedback via driver’s aid
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Range of reports
  • On-going driver improvement

Case studies

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