Passenger counting

Having clear, accurate and up to date information on passenger volumes can be invaluable to bus operators.

With this in mind, Journeo™ offers a range of automatic passenger counting systems that provide clear benefits:

  • Optimise vehicle allocation - know when you need extra vehicles on the road and when you have occupancy availability.
  • Enabling revenue validation and reconciliation - compare with ticketing data to ensure that passengers are paying for the journeys they use.
  • Provide accurate occupancy data - to anyone who needs it, whether this be when you are tendering for routes, or letting a bus driver know that passenger capacity has been reached.

Our passenger counting solutions are scalable, working on buses with single or multiple doors and can either work independently or be integrated with existing on-board technology.


There are multiple methods to count the number of passengers, whether it be with infrared sensors or stereoscopic cameras, we will provide a solution that can be relied upon to accurately assess occupancy levels whatever the lighting conditions. Satellite ‘slave’ units gather data and report back to a central passenger count processing unit. Slaves can be connected to the central unit via Ethernet, data bus, WLAN, GSM, GPRS or UMTS.


Accurate data is available in a variety of formats to meet a wide range of customer requirements, from basic reports showing passenger boarding and alighting stop-by-stop, to advanced schedule analysis. These reports enable bus operators to identify inefficiencies and over-capacities as well as to enhance fleet utilisation.


Passenger counting systems from Journeo™ can work independently or be integrated with existing on-board technology to provide an all-encompassing transport solution.

Customer benefits

  • Scalable solutions that work across multiple doors
  • Get clear and accurate data of how passengers use operator services.
  • Optimise vehicle allocation
  • Enables revenue validation
  • Sensors work in all lighting conditions
  • Variety of reports available to suit customer requirements, from basic boarding and alighting, to advanced schedule analysis.
  • Data can be transferred via Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G
Passenger counting monitor

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