Journeo's™ on-board CCTV systems have demonstrated their worth to our customers time and time again.

Whether it is combating fraudulent insurance claims or simply providing the safety and reassurance that encourages more people to take the bus, our solutions deliver real value to bus operators of all sizes.

With unparalleled experience in designing, building, installing and maintaining bus CCTV systems our solutions are tailored to customers’ specific needs. We offer standalone systems through to fully integrated bus and depot solutions, as well as live-view footage and real-time systems diagnostics. In addition our solutions can be integrated into existing on-board systems.


Taking into account cost and your operational requirements, we are able to offer a wide range of solutions, including analogue, hybrid and full IP systems; enabling you to monitor your fleet with ease and provide the assurance that your passengers and staff deserve. Our hybrid and full IP systems include the latest high definition IP cameras, allowing you to view a larger area in greater detail, and proving invaluable in the evidence gathering process.

Storage, communications and integration

As a systems integrator, we work with manufacturers from all over the world, and can offer you a storage solution to suit your needs. With a variety of DVRs to choose from, we can ensure that you have the local storage time you need, without compromising footage quality. Accompanying back-office software enables you to review and download your footage easily, and at your convenience.

As pioneers of the mobile CCTV wireless download, Our Fleet Systems division has the experience to work with your existing network infrastructures, or to build new ones, all whilst ensuring the security and integrity of your footage. Whether you decide to obtain your footage using manual drive-swaps, or via a multi-depot network, we can find the solution that works best for you.

It is no secret to fleet operators that you can get more from data when integrating with other on-board systems. we provide a host of solutions to move your data from bus to back-office quickly and efficiently, all with the benefit of a rationalised network infrastructure.

Customer benefits

  • Best of breed technology combining digital and analogue components
  • Reduce the hardware required on your vehicle
  • High-resolution cameras improve picture quality – less cameras required on the system.
  • Scalable across vehicles and fleets
  • Specialised reviewing software
  • Integration with other on-board systems

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