On-board Wi-Fi

On-board Wi-Fi is no longer seen as a luxury and is often expected by passengers – not just on long journeys, but increasingly on short commutes.

Journeo™ has forged relationships with the very best mobile hot-spot manufacturers to bring customers the most robust and reliable mobile internet solutions available.

Internet access

From an end user point of view, the technology works in exactly the same way as a fixed-location hotspot; simply attach to the hot-spot for internet access.

On-board routers work by taking single 3G/4G channels and bonding to a multi-network system; this results in providing the maximum possible bandwidth and coverage to your passengers. It also provides as much protection as feasible against network blackspots – if one provider has no coverage of an area, others often will.

Passenger data

Passenger access to the internet is controlled by the operator, allowing you to track usage-by-device, see when and where passengers usually log on to your Wi-Fi and provide effective filtering against persons viewing inappropriate material on your vehicles.

In the future, collated passenger data could also be used as a potential revenue stream, providing your customers with targeted advertising for local businesses around their boarding and alighting points.


We are able to install on-board Wi-Fi as a standalone system, or alternatively it can be integrated into a more comprehensive solution. By utilising the routers on-board your vehicle, we can move other on-board system data to your back-office, reducing the amount of infrastructure required to be installed and maintained within your fleet.

Customer benefits

  • Proven and reliable technology
  • Uses multiple network providers to ensure signal redundancy
  • Collect data on passenger travel and internet usage
  • Integrates with existing on-board systems
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