Major shareholders

Securities in issue

The number of securities in issue and significant shareholders allotted, called up and fully paid is 8,227,500 Ordinary Shares of 6.5p each.

Major shareholders

Information correct as at 23 December 2019. According to the Company’s register or notifications received, the following shareholders each held 3% or more of the Company’s issued share capital:

Shareholder Ordinary 6.5p Shares % holding
Canaccord Genuity Group inc 1,100,000 13.4%
Slater Investments Limited 896,750 10.9%
Mr R Millington and family 615,125 7.5%
Herbert Stuart Bottomley and Mrs Hanna Bottomley 562,625 6.8%
Mr R Singleton 300,000 3.6%
Mr William Campbell and Mrs Susan Campbell 278,125 3.4%
Christopher Neil Woodgate and family 250,500 3.0%

There are no restrictions on the transfer of securities.

Percentage of securities not in public hands

Information correct as at 23 December 2019.

Category % holding
Substantial shareholders (over 10% and notified to the Company) 24.3%
Directors 5.3%
Total 29.6%