Investment case

Journeo is a specialist provider of both on and off-vehicle tailored solutions to the transport community. We deliver to our customers through dedicated teams in Passenger Systems for the local authorities and Passenger Transport Executives (PTEs) managing transport networks and Fleet Systems for the bus, coach, rail and specialist commercial fleet operators. Both segments have growth opportunities with a focus on increasing the number and quality of journeys, particularly in and around cities, in response the need to reduce congestion and deliver the carbon-neutral, low-emissions agenda. This has been backed by government action, for example in England significant funding is starting to flow from the £2.4bn Transforming Cities Fund and the regulatory landscape changes of the Bus Services Act 2017 are generating new opportunities.


Investments made in recent years in the group’s technology to deliver a cloud-based modular hardware agnostic SaaS platform has positioned it well to take advantage of the opportunities now being presented. In addition, the UK market position has enabled exclusive relationships to be struck with specialist equipment manufacturers which have the potential to significantly increase revenue.

Our business model is to compete in the market as an open provider of technology solutions, working with global-scale product companies and local specialists to deliver highly reliable and cost-effective solutions for the transport community over the lifecycle of the systems. The service offering includes the design, tailoring, installation, on-site support and back-office systems. We compete by striving to offer better integrated solutions at reduced costs to our customers. We carefully select niche markets where we can generate significant market share to generate the economies of scale needed. Our customers in the transport community include fleet operators, vehicle manufacturers, local authorities and PTEs.

The segments that we serve are attractive with relatively few competitors and with high barriers to entry due to a combination of technical complexity, unique solutions and the management of long lifecycle assets across a large geographic area. The ability to rise to the challenges of increasing complexity and integrated solutions on the cloud provide Journeo with a well differentiated position.

The Group continues to look for acquisition opportunities to strengthen and deepen the portfolio and to extend the services offered.

Journeo™ plc is the specialist provider of tailored solutions to the transport community, solving complex operational requirements both on and off the vehicle.

Our market-leading On-vehicle solutions are designed to integrate with our customers’ existing on-board technology and prepare them for future developments.

Our Passenger information solutions offer customers the hardware and software necessary to manage city-wide information estates, off-vehicle smart ticketing and wayfinding.

Our markets

Fleet Systems

Passenger Systems

Financial summary results for the months to 31 December 2019

Continuing operations 2019
Revenue 11,402 12,601 11,761
Gross profit 4,539 4,849 4,996
Underlying administrative expenses (5,530) (5,357) (5,074)
Administrative expenses (5,316) (4,589) (5,297)
Underlying (loss)/profit (777) (138) 11
Operating profit/(loss) (777) 260 (301)
Profit/(loss) after tax (933) 142 (351)
Profit/(loss) per share – basic (1.08p) 0.15p (0.38p)

For further financial information please read our latest annual report.