GPS rollover FAQs

You may already be aware that on April 6th, 2019 there is a ‘rollover-event’ for GPS receivers which may potentially affect the performance of GPS systems after this date, particularly those utilising Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Journeo™ have been supplying systems that contain GPS technology through our Passenger and Fleet systems businesses for many years. The vast majority of GPS equipment handles the rollover event without any issue, but there may still be some GPS receiver equipment that could be affected and for this reason, we wanted to let you know about it and of course, the steps Journeo™ are taking to ensure there is no impact to your level of service.

  1. What is a rollover event?

Within any GPS equipment, the “week number” is encoded into the data stream and 1024 weeks is the maximum number before it rolls-over to zero. Week numbers started counting up from the launch of GPS in 1980 and the last rollover event was in 1999.  This April’s event is no different to that.


  1. What impact could this have?

Since this is the second rollover event of GPS, most modern GPS receivers, providing they have the latest firmware installed, should deal with the event without issue.  Some older equipment, however, may not.  This could possibly result in the GPS receiver reverting to an earlier time point, believing the date to be January 1980 or August 1999.


  1. What are Journeo™ doing to help?

At Journeo™, we work closely with our supply chain and we have been engaging with them to ensure that no negative impact is experienced by our customers.  The vast majority of our supply chain has confirmed that systems are able to handle the rollover event and we remain in close contact with any equipment suppliers that are still investigating the potential issue.


  1. What should you do if you experience or suspect an issue?

If you have any concerns regarding the roll-over please contact Journeo™ at the earliest opportunity – either via telephone on 0203 651 9166 or via


  1. What do you do if you have Journeo™-installed equipment that is no longer under warranty or supported by us in a maintenance contract?

Get in touch! – We would love to hear from you on any of the contact details above.  We are proud of all our installations and our technologies no matter how old they are and will do our best to help you identify whether there is any likely impact to your systems. In many cases a simple a firmware update may be all that’s needed, or there may be other steps that can be quickly be taken to ensure a smooth transition through the rollover.