21st Century Technology thrives on the challenges our customers present us with. In a world of fast-paced technological changes and strict budgetary constraints we take the time to fully understand our customers’ needs and deliver solutions that not only integrate with existing on-board technology, but prepare for future advancements.

Our in-house knowledge and experience enables us to provide the very best service, providing our customers with the solutions that fit their requirements.

21st Century Technology is able to provide:

  • consultancy;
  • non-intrusive surveys;
  • intrusive surveys;
  • conceptual/outline design; and
  • full system/detailed design.

21st Century Technology has a proven track record of the highest quality installations across multimodal disciplines.  With our experienced engineers and dedicated support staff, we combine our knowledge and understanding to meet the unique operational challenges within the transport industry.

Throughout the installation process, a host of quality management tools are employed to ensure that every install meets 21st Century Technology’s exacting standards. Our installs are tested and commissioned to guarantee that customer requirements and  system designs are met.

Ensuring peak performance for the full lifecycle of system installs can only be achieved with quality ongoing service and maintenance. 

21st Century Technology’s knowledge of the transport industry, coupled with extensive engineering experience, perfectly places us to give our customers the support they need to keep their technology working, and their fleet operational. Whether that be through preventative maintenance scheduled to a customer’s needs, or reacting to unforeseen events, our dedicated support centre works tirelessly to ensure minimal downtime.