About us

Journeo™ - intelligent solutions for smarter cities

Journeo (jur-nee-oh : new-journey) is the new name for 21st Century Technology plc.  It marks the beginning of the next stage in the group’s development in delivering advanced information systems and transit related technical services to customers within smarter-cities, based increasingly on our own powerful technologies, services and software.

Whilst the technology and some of the applications may be new, we are proud of our heritage built on over 25 years-experience in designing reliable urban passenger information systems to towns, cities, local authorities, and delivering a wide range of technical services to many of the UK’s largest multinational public transport operators.

Over the last few years, £4m has been invested in research and development and our 15-strong team are helping us to transform the groups’ capabilities.  Our innovations are enabling us to access  new markets at the same time as providing the underlying technical solutions for an increasing number of large, complex and valuable sales opportunities.

Customers are already benefiting from this investment as we bring an Internet of Things (IoT) approach, open standards and agnostic connectivity to cloud-based services together with our field-proven engineering to create new products, software and services. This union will grow ever stronger as the company, brand and most importantly, the technologies continue to converge.

A number of new technologies are scheduled to begin to enter the market during 2020. These will continue to be important components of our Fleet Systems and Passenger Systems projects and, for the first time, they will also be available to qualified Systems Integrators and Value-Added resellers under the brand identity Journeo™ Technologies.  

Our website has changed to www.journeo.com and it is being updated to support the launch of the new brand and new products that will deliver ever-more interconnected and scalable systems, for large, complex and important infrastructure applications.

For the next few months, we will continue to deliver systems to Passenger Transport Executives, local authorities, towns and cities through 21st Century Passenger Systems, and integrated services to bus operating companies through 21st Century Fleet Systems. However, as Journeo™ technology and software increasingly underpins the majority of sales that we win, these business units will also be brought in line with the new Journeo brand during Q1 2020.

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