About Journeo Remote Condition Monitoring

Today's public service vehicles play host to a vast array of technology, with each new system installed representing significant investment for the fleet operator.  Non-operational systems nullify that investment and can have a serious impact on the services being run, whether it is reduced passenger satisfaction from faulty Wi-Fi or non-recording CCTV missing the vital footage required for an insurance claim.

Journeo Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM) is the powerful fleet systems technology that gives operators a real-time view of the condition and health of the systems installed across their entire fleet.

Journeo connects into your vehicle's CAN BUS and monitors the health of each element of the systems installed on your fleet.  Upon a fault being logged, the RCM unit communicates with Journeo's cloud based servers, that can either alert you via email or in some cases, log a fault directly into your Asset Management Platform.